Tuesday, December 9, 2014

First Post in 2 Years


It's been awhile. How is it that two years have come and gone already?  In any event, I'm just posting a few pieces of art that I've made in the span of...well...roughly 2 years. So, this is because the lovely Kallista asked about my drawing/writing habits. Most of these are on my DeviantArt,  but I need to give that an overhaul. These are really just sketches and things done out of boredom. Heck, quite a few were done on my phone.



  1. Fantastic artwork Mary! I love the eyes! They are so real looking! I like all the scary artwork you did as well. All of it was fun to look at. It's like going to an online art gallery! :D
    It's amazingsause you did some of that art on your phone. I would not even be able to do a stick figure. :P
    Thanks for posting these. It's great to see something by you once again.
    I think I need to post a story soon. It's been so long!

    1. Thank you kindly! Sorry for the late reply...and thanks for getting me to post SOMETHING after all this time.

  2. Hi Mary! Remember me? I think I commented a few times on this blog. Anyway, I agree with Kal. LOVE the eyes! And that one with only the eyes and grin is incredibly creepy! In a good way!

    And I agree, I've just started posting on my blogs after ONE year. How does time fly so fast?! I hope to see you post more sooner!

  3. Thanks Lavender! Yes I do remember you. Though I don't think we got to talk much, unfortunately. Thanks again for checking my post out and for the kind words. (I'll do my best to get more out ASAP!)

  4. Hi Mary!

    Sorry for taking so long to see this! I decided to check my dashboard in the first time in forever.

    My two favourite pictures are the eyes with the grin and the smile we're watching you.

    Both are amazingly creepy in two very different ways.